Tech7 Automation offers Intelligent MCC panels in a wide range of designs, sizes and we recommend Rittal enclosures for IMCC panels as it results in substantial reduction in the size of panels without affecting any safety or functionality compared to conventional compartmentalized/draw out panels.

IMCC panels

IMCC panels consist of compact 'Tesys U' Intelligent Motor Starters for motors up to 15 KW. For motors above 15 KW, MPCB/ contactors are provided with 'Tesys T' Intelligent Relays. For applications with heavy loads and requiring speed control, Soft-starters and VFDs are provided.

For incomers and outgoing power feeders, we provide 'NSX' Intelligent MCCBs up to 630A and 'Masterpact' ACBs up to 3200A.

Communication with PLC is achieved through Canopen/ Modbus/ Profibus/ Devicenet. Warnings, Alarms and Measurement data acquired from Intelligent devices is displayed on local HMI or SCADA. For remote operations of motors from plant DCS, IMCC communication is offered through Profibus or Modbus TCP/IP.

Systems Voltage 380/415/440V
Bus Bar Tinned EC Grade Copper/ Aluminum Sleeved with Colored PVC
Bus Bar Short Circuit Up to 50KA for 3 Seconds Duration
Type of construction Free Standing, Floor Mounted, Wall Mounted
Degree of protection IP 5X
Enclosure RITTAL MODULAR ENCLOSURE with 1.6mm/2mm CRCA sheet steel, Dip coated and Powder coated as per International standards
Color RAL 7032 Shade
Intelligent Relay Schneider Tesys T Motor Management System
  • Our MCC panels are made of fully RITTAL Enclosures
  • MCC Panels are fully modular Type
  • Enclosures are Dip Coated and Powder Coated 1.6/2mm CRCA Sheet Steell
  • For low-voltage switchgear with design verification to IEC/EN 61439-1 and -2.
  • For control systems and power distributors structured system solution for switchgear with Form separation 1-4b.
  • Simple and friendly installation system assembly
  • Based on enclosure platform TS 8
  • Profiles are 16 Folded Profile
  • All switchgears are Branded Like SIEMENS/ABB/SCHNEIDER/L&T/GE Etc
  • All Meters are Digital Meters
  • Automation/SCADA Facility is available.