We have specialization in manufacturing premium quality fully draw out MCC panels made of Elsteel enclosure. These are efficiently used in critical areas of plants where in case of a starter or power feeder failure will affect the complete process. In such cases the starter module/power feeder module can be fully replaced without isolating the main power. We are authorised channel partner for Elsteel, Denmark for these type of solution. Techno module is a modern, patented modular construction system for building LV panel boards.

  • Our Fully Drawout MCC panels are made of Elsteel enclosure
  • MCC Panels are fully modular Type
  • Enclosures are Dip Coated and Powder Coated 1.6/2mm CRCA Sheet Steel
  • For low-voltage switchgear with design verification to IEC/EN 61439-1 and -2.
  • For control systems and power distributors structured system solution for switchgear with Form separation 1-4b.
  • Simple and friendly installation system assembly
  • All switchgears are Branded Like SIEMENS/ABB/SCHNEIDER/L&T/GE Etc
  • All Meters are Digital Meters